(It's always difficult to know how to start...)

I'm a director, writer and (occasional) performer based in London and the South West. I am one of the co-founders of Total Party Kill!, a company devoted to adapting tabletop roleplaying game systems for live performance. Our most recent production was Adventurers Wanted, a 250 hour-long show at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival; we will soon be bringing horror-themed games to Brighton Horrorfest.


I recently spent a year as Laboratory Associate Director for Nuffield Southampton Theatres and am currently developing an audio game as Digital Artist for Headlong.


Sometimes I write plays. Sometimes I make interactive installations. Sometimes I direct folk musicals set in Oxford during the 1300s. I like doing a lot of different things. I do some of those different things through my company, Dissolve Theatre


Some of the things I like: Long-form improvisation / Fight Like Apes' music / Theatre in the round / Interactive theatre / Using magic in performance / Indie video games / Storytelling / Kaufmans (Andy and Charlie) / Clowning / the game queers in love at the end of the world / Horror theatre / One-on-one performance / Folk stories


I also like the work of companies such as Slung Low, Improv Everywhere, Secret Cinema, Ontroerend GoedMade in China and Filter.

'Thing is...I'm involved in something - it's pretty big...I can't really talk about it. I'm sorry - I loved what we did together but - I'm not in control...'

Audience response, as part of my installation Faithful