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  • Callout for Dungeons & Dragons collaborators 12 November 2016 | View comments

    I’m currently looking for experienced Dungeon Masters for a Dungeons & Dragons to collaborate with on bringing a month-long game to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival next year.* I’m an avid D&D fan who started playing earlier this year; somehow, such a brilliant example of epic storytelling, improvisation and imagination hasn’t really featured at the world’s largest arts festival before, and next year I want to change that.
    It’s a big project. There are some certainties: those involved will be paid NMW for their work (factoring some time in for necessary prep too) as well as cover for travel and accommodation. I’ll also be doing everything possible to make the game accessible to as wide a range of players and audience members as possible, from a wheelchair-accessible venue, to BSL-signed sessions, to dice rolls called by Siri for visually impaired players - anything that’s needed. I want anyone to be able to feel like they could come and play or watch.
    Some details are still to be decided, because it only makes sense to work these out with the DMs involved, but the current general plan is: 10 hours of playing each day for 25 days, which is a *lot* of hours and so will likely involve two or three DMs on rotation (but there are different ways in which this could work) and a possible mix of regular and guest players, as I want to open out the opportunity to play as much as possible.
    For years I’ve gone to the Edinburgh Fringe as a punter. I now want to take something as my own experience of D&D is gathering with friends to tell stories, make each other laugh, and get lost in other worlds and personas; I’d love the chance to take over a space in Edinburgh where, for the entirety of the month, that’s what people are invited to do. 
    In a nutshell, I’m looking for DMs who:
    • Are available throughout August 2017
    • Are comfortable and confident playing public games, with players who may not know each other, and may have different experience levels
    • Are open to collaborating with other DMs on a campaign
    • And are, of course, excited by this idea
    If you’re interested in being involved or have any questions about the above, then email me at and I’ll get back to you as quickly as I can.

    *A little further down the line, I will also be looking for people to be involved in a non-DM capacity, for any non-DMs who happen to be reading this.
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